The story behind Stay on the Health Track

After a decade of running a successful health blog in Swedish, one day I suddenly noticed that my domain had expired.  Since the blog had been reasonably successful the domain name had now gone up in price.  And so, instead of just buying it and continuing as before I decided to see if I could find a way of improving my way of delivering the information.

I took the question “How can I improve my service?” seriously and started thinking about it.  For one, I decided to continue in English.  This way I could reach more people.  And then I decided I would create a blog that had only the most interesting and useful information on it.

Plant youngThe idea is to convey the most useful insights that experts get after years of research, but in an intelligible way that is easy to apply to ones life.  It is information that few people know, but that makes a huge impact if applied.

And so, here I am, happy and excited, starting with a new project.  It feels like I have just planted a new seed and I am looking forward to seeing the plant grow.

Feel free to drop me a line about your thoughts and experiences with Stay on the Health Track.  I would love to hear from you.

With inspiration,

Basia Piechocinska