Alternative Cancer Treatments

The information in this article is essential for you to know, now.  Let me explain why.

Around 40% of us will at some point develop cancer in our life, and practically all of us will see a loved one develop cancer.  Once this happens fear and urgency set in.  At that point it becomes very difficult to do anything other than follow the doctor’s advice, because that is all we know.  And it will feel like there is no time to really try to learn about possible alternatives, if they exist.  There is too much at stake and you may already be scheduled for an operation a few days after your diagnosis and lined up for chemo and radiation very soon after.  Essentially, you will have no freedom of choice and you will not be able to choose the best treatment or health practitioner for you.  This is why it is important to at least have heard or read about cancer and possible treatments.

Are there alternative ways to treat cancer that work?   And how efficient is the conventional treatment?  What are the chances of getting cured?


Conventional treatments of cancer

SurgeryOncologists will generally recommend a variation and/or combination of surgery, cytotoxic chemotherapy, and radiation.  This is because these are the standard, approved cancer treatment protocols.  They are approved by agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in the USA, and its corresponding organs in other countries.  Often, a physician is not allowed to suggest any other forms of treatment.  In fact, doing so, may lead to a fine, a prison sentence, and the taking of the license to practice medicine.

The origin of Orthodox medicine

It is of advantage to understand the origin of what today is the mainstream medical use of pharmaceuticals, Orthodox, or Allopathic Medicine.  This is because one may be under the impression that our mainstream medicine is popular due to its efficacy in curing diseases.


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