How electromagnetic radiation affects the body

During the last decades our environment has undergone a total change when it comes to the electromagnetic radiation.  In the cities we have a thick electromagnetic smog of Wifi, Bluetooth, cell phones, radio waves, and more.

Does it matter?  How are we affected by it?

What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation appears when a charged particle is accelerated.  It then creates waves of electric and magnetic field.  These waves propagate through space and can be measured in hertz (Hz).   One herz is a wavelength per second.  The frequency, the amount of hertz, varies greatly depending on the type of radiation.

In the picture you see different types of electromagnetic radiation, from extremely low (such as those from certain household appliances), to radio waves, microwaves (like in the microwave ovens and cell phones), visible light, x-ray radiation, and gamma radiation.


We are electromagnetic beings

We are electromagnetic individuals who depend on our internal bioelectric systems working well.  Electromagnetic radiation that comes from the outside affects our inner systems and thereby affects the biological processes in our bodies.

We also send out electromagnetic radiation.  The most powerful comes from our heart.  Then, from the brain and the nervous system.  To check if someone is alive we check if there is any electromagnetic activity in the heart (if it beats) and in the brain (if it is still active).  Electromagnetic radiation is close to what we today identify with life.

Despite not being able to consciously read electromagnetic radiation, with the exception of visible light, we are affected by it.  All charged particles, such as ions and electrons, are affected by electromagnetic fields.  In our bodies we find many charged particles.  And, aside from those it appears that every living being also has cryptochromes.  These are electromagnetically sensitive proteins that are directed by genes and were discovered in the 1990’s.

cryptochromeThe cryptochromes regulate the day-time rhythm and the melatonin production.  Some absorb light so that based on this they can tell the body if it is day or night.

The cryptochromes are also responsible for their navigation ability in some species’  of migrating birds.  It lets the birds “see” the earth’s electromagnetic fields.  It has been noted that some bird’s navigation system is corrupted by man-made electromagnetic radiation, even at ver low intensities.  It should be noted that over the last decades we have seen a great decline in birds and insects that depend on their electromagnetic sensitivity for navigation.  The world bee population has seen a huge reduction since 2006.  Also to be noted is that we depend on the bees for a large part of our food.


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