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Tired of media skewed info? Here is a sound alternative.

With Stay on the Health Track Inner Circle: Health Edge you get access to distilled and curated health essentials.  This is practical health information that makes a difference.

Here you will get more than relevant and practical solutions to health concerns. You will also get a good view and understanding from the latest research and see how it makes sense in an easy, logical and fun format, relevant to both the everyday person and health professionals.

It is a health education that  bridges the gap between what you and your physician learned in school and what researchers are finding out now.

A shortcut:  Get health expert insight that applies to your life, without having to be an expert.  It is our commitment to bring you complex health issues in an easy, fun and applicable way.


Do you feel swamped by confusing or contradictory health information?  Tired of generic, watered down, health info where they just tell you to eat better?  Or worried that the information may be skewed by the media to fit within questionable financial agendas of the pharmaceutical or food industries?  

I felt that way for sure.   By the way, my name is Basia and I am the one having the coconut in the picture.  

And so, given that I already had a PhD and therefore was familiar with doing research, I decided to take things into my own hands and start doing the research myself.  

The more I researched, the more I found ground breaking information that the general public had no idea about.  Most of my friends had never heard of it.  And so, I decided I would try to make a difference with the Inner Circle: Health Edge.

The idea is to convey only the most useful insights that experts get after years of research, but in an intelligible way that is easy to apply to ones life.  It is information that few people know, but that makes a huge impact if applied.

And so, here I am, happy and excited, working with this new project. But, while writing a generic health article might only take a few hours, writing a well researched, truly life changing article takes a lot more time and effort.  And so, I urge you to join the Inner Circle, try it out, and if you like it I ask for a small contribution, so that I may continue bringing you cutting edge health information that makes a difference.  



Distilled & Curated Health Essentials?


Yes, instead of getting a watered down version of health information, you will be getting the distilled version, the essentials that make a difference.

For example, when we talk to you about vitamin B12 we won’t just tell you that it is made by bacteria, usually primarily present in a number of animal products, that some people have difficulty absorbing it, and that you can get permanent nerve damage if you do not get enough of it for an extended period of time.

We will also tell you about the relationship between B12, inflammations, and heart disease, that few people know.  We will tell you exactly what B12 does in your body.  We will tell you about how to get a blood test that shows if your body is using it well, not just the presence of it in your blood, as that can be misleading.  We will tell you what not to eat before a blood test, to reduce the risk of false positive.  We will tell you which types of B12 you want to stay away from and which stay around in your body for longer times.  We will give you a unique delivery mechanism, that does not depend on absorption in your digestive tract or require shots or bandaids.  We will tell you what to do to make your body more efficient at handling B12.  And more…


Yes, the subjects we write about are chosen and each for a very particular purpose.

We don’t just randomly pick a vitamin and write about it.  We write about vitamin K2 because it is a nutrient that is missing in 80% of the population and causing a wide range of complications, especially related to calcium (osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, vericose veins, heal spur, etc).

We write about alternative cancer treatments because pretty much all of us will at some point either be personally affected by it or have a loved one affected.  And at that stage the level of fear will be dominating and it will be too late to start learning about alternative treatments.  It is essential that you get an idea of what is out there now, so that you will have the ability to make informed decisions and know about alternative and complementary methods that can make all the difference.

The idea is that over time, you will efficiently get a health education that, aside from boosting your health, will make it easier for you to be able to make wise health choices for yourself and your family.  The goal is to empower you.



How it works:

Here’s what you’ll get
  • secretinfoiconLearn what few people know:  As much of the groundbreaking information will often be around nutrition, substances that are not classified as drugs, or recent research,  that your physician is not likely to know about, unless she or he has a special interest and constantly stays updated.
  • overviewQuick and Accessible overview:  Get a quick overview of the subject and how it relates to you without having to be an expert in the area.  Expert level information without having to be an expert.


  • applynowiconApply it now:  Get easy, practical, step-by-step tips on how to apply the information to your everyday life so that you may reap the benefits and enjoy an optimal radiant and healthy life!


So in practice this is what you will be getting access to…

Get automatic lifetime access to

  • Once a month a new “Health Edge post” becomes available – with cutting edge insights.
  • You will be getting practical application emails that outline how to apply the new information to your life now.
  • You will get Priority access to me through our closed Facebook Group where you can get your questions answered.
  • We will keep you updated on interviews with experts and researchers as new become available.

+ We will start you off with free access to our first two topics for a week, so that you can start applying them and reaping the benefits.

Preview of some of the Health Edge Topics


What is unique about the Health Edge?

You will be getting distilled and curated health essentials.  We created the Health Edge as an antidote to the masses of watered down and repeated “health” information you are likely to find while surfing online.  It is a reliable source of good health information in manageable and applicable pieces that you are likely to use, so that your health will improve.

  • You receive expert level insight, leaving you feeling competent and confident regarding health matters.
  • You access rare and exceptional understanding of the health issues.
  • You are offered information you can apply.
  • You are served information in manageable pieces (not swamped by it), so that you feel empowered to act.
  • Over time you will get a new Health Education, that bridges the gap between well established and new health info.  It will also make it easier for you to make informed decisions regarding what is healthy for your and your family, so that you can build healthy habits that make health easy and natural.

 By contributing to this movement you make it possible for the Health Edge to continue.  Also, research shows that because of your commitment to contribute, you will be more likely to actually use and apply the new insights.

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Actually, I want you to be sure that you like the Health Edge.  So, you will get a reminder email before the free trial is over and on top on the free trial you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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