Natural remedy for high blood pressure

Hypertonia, hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common disease that can lead to serious health challenges such as stroke or heart attack.  It is a symptom that indicates underlying problems.  By letting the body take care of these problems you can lower your blood pressure down to its optimal level in an expedient and natural way.

There is an efficient natural way to lower high blood pressure down, below what is considered normal, to what is considered optimal.  The method is water only fasting, and it works almost in every single case.  This is much more efficient and effective than medication.  In fact, it is by far the most effective treatment for lowering blood pressure that has been published in the medical litterature.

Read about blood pressure and learn what optimal blood pressure is.  Find out how effective exercise, reduction of salt, medication, and diet are for lowering blood pressure compared to water fasting.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is given in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) in the form:  Systolic Pressure/ Diastolic pressure.  An example would be 120/80 mmHg.

The systolic pressure is the pressure when the heart is pumping blood.

The diastolic pressure is the resting pressure, between the heartbeats.

Blood pressure varies significantly throught the day, in connection with the different types of activities we engage in.  Physical activity and stress increase blood pressure.

Systolic pressure – Diastolic pressure

The difference between the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure also gives an interesting number.

This can be an indicator of how hydrated the body is.  The more dehydrated one is the smaller the blood volume will be.  When the blood volume diminishes one will get a lower pressure and the difference between the two pressures will also diminish.  In general one wants to have at least a difference of 30 points.

If you have a low blood volume your body will have to increase the pulse in order to increase the blood pressure, so that the blood will be able to reach out to all the cells and provide them with oxygen and nourishment.  This means that the heart will have to work much more when you are dehydrated than when you are fully hydrated.

It is also good to know that a large difference between the two pressures can be a sign of hardened, inelastic blood vessels.  When blood vessels become hard, they loose their ability to expand as efficiently.  This leads to a greater difference between the two pressures.

What is healthy blood pressure?

bloodpressuremeasureAccording to research it appears that the ideal blood pressure of a grown person should be around 90/60 mmHg.  Dr Richard Peto, from Oxford University, sees the optimal blood pressure as 96/67 mmHg.


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