Products we keep in our Medicine Cabinet

Aside from the regular first aid kit with the bandaids, gauze, disinfectant, and such there are few things slightly out of the ordinary that have found their way into our medicine cabinet. 

They have found their way and managed to stay, as they have proven to be quite useful.

Perhaps you will find some of them interesting to keep around as well.

Olive leaf extract – anti-viral

We have all sorts of medication against bacteria but not so much against viruses.  Olive leaf extract is one that can help stimulate the immune system to fight the invading virus.

It is good to have at home so that as soon as you are getting down with a cold or the flue you can start taking a few drops throughout the day.

Colloidal silver – anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral

Colloidal silver is very useful for all sorts of external problems related to bacteria, fungus, or viruses.  You can put it on cuts and wounds.  It does not burn or sting like alcohol.

Also if you have a fungal infection you can apply it.  If you are getting a yeast infection, you can use it.

If you make your own deodorant, you can also add some colloidal silver as an ingredient to it.

Over time the best way is to get a machine and make your own colloidal silver from distilled water and pure silver.  You will want to make sure you get high quality, pure silver electrodes.  If the colloidal silver is not of high quality and you start ingesting it you may start turning blue.  🙂  (seriously)

DMSO – anti-inflammatory

Topically Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) will help bring down inflammations as it will quickly penetrate.  It is used successfully in rheumatism.

It can also serve as an agent that will take other substances into your body.  If you have a hard time absorbing vitamin B12 you can apply it to your skin with DMSO and that way quickly get it into your blood.

DMSO can also be used for urinary tract infections.  It is an interesting alternative to antibiotics. For a few pennies one buys a specially made tube that easily goes into the bladder and a syringe.  Then 50ml of a 50% DMSO solution is squirted in and kept for at least 15min.

Vitamin C

As soon as our body get under attack the need for vitamin C skyrockets.  The best way to get vitamin C is from fruits high in it.  Depending on where you live you might have access to power fruits like Camu-camu or Acerola and just keep the pulp from them frozen, ready to make a juice when needed.

If not, then at least keep a good vitamin C supplement and take several throughout the day, when you start feeling sick.  Always be sure to check that this is ok with your physician.

Strong, small magnets

Good to have in the first aid kit.  First thing to do when you sprain an ankle is to quickly wrap it.  But if you put a magnet in the wrapping gauze you will significantly speed up the healing.

Magnets are useful to put under a band aid, if they are small enough, in places where you have inflammations and possibly swelling.  They also help with achy muscles.  The easiest way is to put them on your body before you go to sleep.

Other recommended health related products

Acupuncture mat

An acupuncture mat, or nail carpet is great for relieving back pains.  It creates a sense of well being and is a wonderful device for helping people fall asleep.  Often the carpet will also come with a neck pillow, which is quite useful.

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