Targeted Bioenergetics Meditations

Guided Meditations for Your Make-up

Do the meditation that has the greatest impact on Your particular character structure.














What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is based on the lifelong studies of humans by Wilhelm Reich and later by Alexander Lowen.

Based on traumatic events we experienced as children we create defence mechanisms that become physical, energetic, and psychological structures in our mind and body.  They form our character structure.

These mechanisms may later condemn us to repeatedly re-live and recreate certain patterns.  By becoming aware of our basic character set-up we can take advantage of these patterns and liberate us from them in areas where they cause problems.

There are five basic character structures.  Their original, and traditional names are:  Schizoid, Oral, Psychopath, Masochist, and Rigid.  They may not have positive sounding associations today, but we use them as it makes it easier to relate back to all the literature on them.

Do our free online bioenergetics test to see which structures are strong in you.


Targeted Bioenergetics Guided Meditations

Each package is targeted for one of the five basic character structures.  Each comes with three recordings:

  • 4 min Affirmations
  • 10 min Relaxation and Affirmations
  • 20 min Relaxation, Meditation, and Affirmations

Each package has a unique soundtrack with a binural beat with Theta Waves.  To take full advantage of this technology headphones are required.  The binural beat helps calm the mind to where it produces Theta frequency brainwaves.  These are slower waves than when we are altert but not quite as slow as when we sleep.  It helps bring about a state of deep relaxation.

Start by doing our bioenergetics test and then selecting the package that is relevant to your structure (the one with the highest score).  If you have several structures that are strong, you may choose to get all of our meditation packages.


Our Targeted Bioenergetics Mediations:

All our targeted meditation packages are downloadable and in an mp3-format.



for the Schizoid structure

Connected package with three meditations USD 10

Get it if you have a schizoid structure because it will train your mind to feel connected, of value, and purposeful.







for the Oral structure

Loved package with three meditations USD 10

Get it if you have an oral structure because it will train your mind to experience feeling loved, abundant, and cared for.









for the Psychopath structure

Surrender package with three meditations USD 10

Get it if you have a psychopath structure because it will train your mind to let go, feel deep relaxation, and improve your ability to enjoy positive emotions.








Follow Your Intuition

for the Masochist structure

Masochist package with three meditations USD 10

Get it if you have a masochist structure because it will train your mind to let go of external pressures, feel lightness, and follow your intuition purposefully.








Surrender to Love

for the Rigid structure

Surrender to Love package with three meditations USD 10

Get it if you have a rigid structure because it will train your mind to deeply connect on emotional and physical levels with others and open your heart to love.






All meditation packages

You can also order all five packages at the discounted price of only USD 37  (a 26% discount).  Get the full package with all five if you rank high (over 50%)  in several structures or if you want to share it with others in your family, who may have other structures.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Not sure you like it?  No problem.  Let us know within 30 days and you will get a full refund, no questions asked.



How to use the Guided Meditations

The optimal set-up is to start using the 20 min recording in the evenings, before you go to sleep.  Doing this every day for about two weeks will condition your mind and body to go into a deeply relaxed mode and start practicing the associated affirmations.  After that, the other recordings will be much more powerful.  Even just the 4 min affirmations will have a deep impact on you.

First weeks:  20 min recording at least once a day

10 min or 4 min recordings as you wish throughout the day

The 4 min recording is very practical as you can easily use it during short breaks throughout your day, while sitting on the bus, etc.