Toxicity – Cause of most diseases

Toxicity - Cause of most diseases

We often hear about acidic bodies and toxicity.  We are told to detox.  They tell us to cleanse our kidneys, liver and intestines.  We are told to eat less toxins and have food that makes our bodies alkaline.  But how does all of this really work?  What happens in our bodies?  And how can disease start with toxins?

Dr Alber Pischinger has developed a revealing theory around what actually causes disease.  In this article we will see how many diseases arise as a result of the cells defending themselves against toxicity and we will pay special attention to cancer.  Also, we will see how one can create a healthy cell environment.

Disease does not arise inside of the cell but outside

The transport of nutrients to the cells comes through blood in a healthy body.  Once it gets to the capillaries, the thinnest blood vessels, it continues in the form of oxygen, fats, amino-acids out into the intersticial liquid, the liquid that surrounds the cells.  From there it is taken up by the cells.

The cells then send products like carbon dioxide, fatty acids (some types of cholesterol) and uric acid back out into the surrounding liquid.  The whole process is much more complex, and many more substances are involved.  We will use these only as an example to illustrate what happens.

The products that come out of the cells, out to the interstitial liquid are often acidic.  They are then transported through the blood (or lymph in some cases) to the bodies most important cleaning organs.  In the lungs we get rid of the carbon dioxide.  The liver takes care of the fats.  The kidneys filtrate the uric acid.


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