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Inner Circle:  Health Edge

Our main product is access to the Inner Circle: Health Edge, where you get a shortcut to an expert understanding of health issues.  Thus you get an edge on your health knowledge.

It is like a mini Health Academy, only easier to grasp, a lot more fun, and directly applicable.

Gaining access to our Inner Circle: Health Edge will bridge the gap between what you or physicians learned in school and what researchers are finding out now.  Did you know that there is usually a 30 year delay between what we learn in school and what is published scientifically?

The Inner Circle has first class health information, that you may have trouble finding on your own out in the web-jungle.

The content is written so that you can quickly get an expert’s overview of a topic without having to do all the tedious study.  And you always get suggested action steps, so make sure you implement at least one.  You can learn more and join here.

Here is an insight about how toxicity and acidity are connected and how they lead to disease:


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Make it Happen” Products

This is a series of products where we do our best to inspire you to actually do the healthy things you have wanted to do, but kept putting off.  You’ll see what we mean.

Our first product will teach you how to regenerate your immune system in four days!

Our key Make it Happen product is about beating procrastination so that you acquire all sorts of health or success building habits joyfully, without the need for discipline.  Watch our free videos about it here.



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Bioenergetics Test and Products

Do our free Bioenergetics Character Test to see your basic character structure.  Our test is based on Alexander Lowen’s and Wilhelm Reich’s five basic character structures.  Each structure is formed as a defence mechanism that solidifies in the body.  By knowing what your basic structure is, you can easier free yourself from its grip and stop automatically repeating certain patterns in your life.  The structure also influences your physical body and predisposes you to certain types of illnesses.

We have also developed Targeted Guided Meditations for each character structure, to help integrate the parts that have been divided in the subconscious.





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